Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boris - Smile Live At Wolf Creek (2008) [V2]

Status report: This place isn't dead just yet. I've been occupied with work. I was without a computer a while etc. A lot of different reasons contributed really. I haven't had as much time on my hands to find music, much less make posts about it here.

Since Pink and onward we've been tought to be skeptical of new Boris releases. As this came out after Smile (which wasn't bad, but not that great either) my hopes weren't too high. Listening to CD1 it's pretty much what I'd expect from such pink-ish tracks, it sounded similar to what I heard when I saw them live during the Smile tour, some nice high-pace moments but often annoying with Atsuo's outbursts of "wooh"s and "yeah"s.

The last 50 minutes of CD2 however (beginning with No Ones Grieve), was something completely different, it blew me away, I haven't heard such fabulous droning and noising from Boris in years. Sure, it should've been expected seeing as the last 3 tracks are the ones that make the studio version worthwhile as well. With this I think the Smile Live album actually outdoes both the Southern Lord studio and the Diwphalanx studio Smile, yet it's still remarkably unappreciated in comparison, which is why I wanted to post it here. Worth getting for CD2.

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