Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Whitewater Orgasm - A Sad Way To Swallow (2010) [320]

Here I am, promoting another great album by my good friend. Some of you might've checked out his previous alum "Lust Year" which I posted earlier this year, depending on whether you liked that or were horribly disgusted (perhaps both) you might want to give this a try.

Whitewater Orgasm once again surprises us with some of the most offensive and extreme soundscapes of harsh noise. Albeit familiar to the previous album "Lust Year", "A Sad Way To Swallow" refuses to sink into the exact same formula, of just noise walls + feedback + mind-blowingly harsh vocals, instead this time features further experimentation into the realms of soundscapes and eerie sound manipulation.

1. Nothing Good Will Ever Happen Again (3:05)
2. Imaginary Hospital (3:00)
3. Not Much Left From What There Never Was (2:58)
4. Endjoy (2:08)
5. Layers of Supressed Dreams (5:14)
6. You Will Drown In White Water (3:06)
7. Drenched in the Substance of Pleasure (7:13)
8. Wet Glass Orgasm (2:41)
9. Among The Sick (5:18)
10. Sexual Frustration and Suicide (7:38)
11. White Beach And The Intentional Freezing To Death (6:59)

320 download

This album is also available for purchase at Rainbow Bridge Recordings: http://www.hellorainbowbridge.com/