Friday, March 4, 2011

Louis Sclavis - L'imparfait Des Langues (2007)

Bumped post from 1/5/09
Did anyone ask for a cup of jazz reinvented? Louis Sclavis is the man and I present to you his latest album on the famous ECM label. The man has worked with jazz in a wide variety of contexts from combining it with French folk music (he happened to be the first one to do so) to free jazz. This particular very fresh album of jazz has grown to be one of my absolute favorites in the genre, at least from our time.


Louis Sclavis - Lost On The Way (2009) [320]

Bumped post from 7/8/09
Louis Sclavis is a symbol for European jazz. This album is very thematic, creates distinct moods and atmospheres, reminding me of a variety of films. It manages to loosen up for more free improvisational chapters without losing the feel of it all. Sclavis is renowned for bringing in elements of other genres in his jazz, sometimes Lost On The Way sounds like modern classical through the composition or rock or funk through the electric bass or guitar.