Friday, April 23, 2010

Chu Ishikawa - Tetsuo I-II OST (1998) [FLAC/V0]

While I at first listen was hoping for more than just a couple of tracks from the first movie. I remember the OST in the first movie being very memorable and somehow some years later I stumbled upon this and just had to check it out. I was slightly disappointed upon listening, most of the tracks are from the second movie, which is unfortunately not nearly as enchanting .

Tetsuo I is a great movie I'll recommend to anyone with an interest in awesome old school effects in a cyberpunkish aesthetic. If you haven't seen it already of course. Check out the awesome trailer on youtube.

Tetsuo I-II OST is still fairly decent if you can live with how cheesy it is at times. It's built around various percussion including metal percussion complemented with synths.




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