Friday, April 23, 2010

Chu Ishikawa - Tetsuo I-II OST (1998) [FLAC/V0]

While I at first listen was hoping for more than just a couple of tracks from the first movie. I remember the OST in the first movie being very memorable and somehow some years later I stumbled upon this and just had to check it out. I was slightly disappointed upon listening, most of the tracks are from the second movie, which is unfortunately not nearly as enchanting .

Tetsuo I is a great movie I'll recommend to anyone with an interest in awesome old school effects in a cyberpunkish aesthetic. If you haven't seen it already of course. Check out the awesome trailer on youtube.

Tetsuo I-II OST is still fairly decent if you can live with how cheesy it is at times. It's built around various percussion including metal percussion complemented with synths.




I plan on refreshing most dead links on the site within a short future. I've begun with refreshing the links for DNA on DNA / A Taste of DNA and When I Was Young. So far I've wrote down the following to be refreshed.

God - Possesion
Khanate - Clean hands go foul
Boredoms - Super roots 10
Giuseppe Ielasi - Aix
Kilimanjaro Darkjazz[...] - Mutations ep
Boris - Feedbacker
Nels Cline - Coward
Mars - The Complete Studio Recordings

If you know any other dead links on the blog, let me know either here in the comments or in the comments of the certain post. Thanks.


  1. Hi,

    Not a comment specifically about this post, but about your blog in general. Without sounding tootoo sycophantic... love your posts, your sonic adventures, aural spirit, and just overall musical sense.

    Only one criticism though is your use of Mediafire... the confuser resource hog, unrealistic wait times, browser Nazi, and just an overall unfriendly data storage provider.
    I've been using Rapidshare for some time now without a single hassle uploading or downloading... just a thought as I remember this discussion on one of your other postings.

    Anyroads, very rewarding visits to your site. Please continue...



  2. I've begun to use Megaupload more and more lately, especially for large archives such as FLAC ones. I have to disagree with you on rapidfire however, my experience with that site has been pretty horrible, they delete my files in 30 days if they're not active and sometimes I can't download because "they have no slots available, please upgrade to premium etc.". Mediafire has served me well in the past, I like how it doesn't have wait times and you can download up to 10 files at a time, but I'm getting sick of various things about their site. So I won't switch to rapidshare but I'll probably lean more and more onto other file hosting sites.

    Thanks for your kind words as well.

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