Monday, May 18, 2009

Gridlock - Formless (2003) [CD&Vinyl-V0]

Probably Gridlock's most sophisticated album, shows a great deal of maturity yet still contains the distinctiveness of their earlier more straight-forward industrial / rhythmic noise material. Perfectly merging harsh abrasive, indeed formless, rhythms with beautiful ambient soundscapes, this being their last album leans more toward IDM. But in a way IDM feels like an insult to such a mature album like this, just glowing of analog warthm, in difference of the digital clones, who just relish on cheap software, and are otherwise found in the genre. Do not let the word IDM scare you off this fantastic record, this is unlike any other IDM.

What I post here is both the 2xvinyl version and the CD version. The CD version was the one I fell in love with. The differences aren't big. The track order is different. Some tracks are about 10-15 seconds longer on the vinyl, and the last ambient outro track is extended by about 5 minutes. The CD version has these interludes which are missing on the vinyls. I don't reckon either one is the "best" so to speak, the vinyl one feels tighter, while the CD has lower bass and clearer high end.

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  1. One of the best album i know, in electronic music or not.

  2. Länkarna är balle.

  3. Har du några andra Gridlock-album på lager?
    Har sökt efter "Trance" rätt frenetiskt de senaste timmarna.

  4. Menade såklart "Trace Unit".

  5. My friend Dave is always speaking about this Gridlock band, which name is s totally mystery to me. Thank you for posting this, I think now I can have a clue of what is always speaking of.

  6. I have never watched this movie , but I have a friend that said me that it is one of the best movies during the 2003, so I want to buy Gridlock - Formless in a DVD, but I couldnot find it.