Thursday, January 7, 2010

Instrument Normal - Concerning The Nature Of The Universe (2009) [FLAC/320/V0/V2]

Hey. Some of you might already be familiar with this project, it's a project I run together with a Finnish friend of mine where we delve into the universe of noise, dark ambient and other forms of fucked up soundscapes and sonic experimentations. This was officially released last year somewhere in September, thought I'd eventually post it here as well.

I don't feel like talking too much about it since I feel as if I have to "whore myself out" in order to instill interest, but nonetheless.

Being completely instrumental it is a album that holds different meaning to both me and Santeri, I believe it could hold a meaning to you as well, therefore I don't want to spoil your own process of discovering this audial experience. However if you're interested, some of our thoughts concerning the piece are included in a .txt file.

Working links:





  1. How about your on a ship in the sea (1st track) then suddenly a fire breaks out and you call a mayday but signals arnt clear (track 2) alarm is sounded and then your bashed against rocks (track 3)

  2. I'd really like to hear this; any chance you could re-up it?

  3. It's down? What is wrong with mediafire geeze. For now the FLAC link still works.

  4. A Vinyl release of this album would be stellar.

  5. I already said thanks here (second comment above) but I had to come back and say it again. I really love this album.

    I credit this blog with both exposing me to and being the catalyst for both my affinity of dark ambient and my appreciation of noise music, the latter of which I still am very trepid while exploring, as I do find a lot of noise to be, simply put, noise. To me, the best noise music is far more than just noise (though I get the distinct impression that many artists behind the noise would disagree).

    The "noise" of Instrument Normal remains at the forefront of my appreciation for the "genre", and as I continue to explore such musics, I continually and inadvertently find myself comparing things to this act, and especially Concerning the Nature of the Universe. Very little that I have found so far in the realm of noise musics compares. Most other noise I've found seems to argue in favor of the idea of "background" or "ambient" noise, whereas I've found that Instrument Normal, unlike many other "noise artists", not only demands attention but also rewards the listener.

    I hope these words are not, for whatever reason, discouraging to the persons who made this music. Again, I humbly thank you, and I look forward to experiencing more of your collaborations.

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