Monday, January 5, 2009

Rollo - Pinhole (2007)

I love his outfit.

Possibly the most overlooked project closely related to the sacred weeaboo hipster band Boris. Rollo is Atsuo's (drums/vocals in Boris) solo project (or almost solo project at least), this album is very comparable to the album "Soundtrack from film 'Mabuta no Ura'". It's mostly just a lonely guitar or two recorded on a tape recorder. There are some moments where he actually sings and some a few where it transcends into some shoegazyness. Overall rather singer-songwriter-esque if you ask me. Oh and this album is NO DRUMS.


  1. Thank you
    No drums, Great!.
    I do not like their hard rock side.

  2. I am a huge BORIS fan and to me this album is one of the best related releases, as strange as it is beautiful.

  3. I am led to believe that Atsuo does not perform on this project, he only mastered it. I am also led to believe it is Takeshi (Boris) that plays the guitar in Rollo. I could be wrong though, some research may be necessary on both of our parts.