Friday, December 18, 2009

Boris - Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 4 [7"] (2009) [24.96FLAC/FLAC/V0]

Here it is, surprise. Unlike the others this is just one song. Despite being very pop-rockish, mellowing out towards the end, it's actually quite listenable, nothing I'd keep on repeat for too long though. Wata shares her very average singing voice, sorry, she's a great guitarist but I really don't see why so many of the Boris fans want her to do more vocals.

At first I thought this whole 7" series was quite ridiculous, it seemed more like a folly to print expensive exclusive releases without actually much content. Now, I'm actually quite glad they didn't make an album out of these, it would've been a horrible album. Being a series of 7" singles it never really aroused much anticipation or expectation and is therefore a great excuse for being less than stellar. I understand that sometimes you just want to release material without having that perfectionist burden hanging over your shoulders, at least that's how I'd feel. I wouldn't pay 100$ for this on ebay myself, am I really that bad for wanting to listen to it anyway? Perhaps I am.

24bit/96khz FLAC




  1. I'm beginning to miss your unusually amazing ugly music.

  2. "Wata shares her very average singing voice, sorry, she's a great guitarist but I really don't see why so many of the Boris fans want her to do more vocals."

    Because she's female and when a band has one girl in a band a lot of people will drool over her whenever she does anything. Fetish objects really. And I completely agree what you said by the way. She did sound nice on She's So Heavy though, imho.

  3. Thank you very much for posting the complete set. If you look at their recorded output this year, i agree it's very incoherent, but it's also opening up a few directions possibly worth developing (like the weirdo pop / funk of Black Original and Tokyo Wonder Land). If anything this series might have kept them from being stuck in a (however multidimensional) rut, plus there were at least some very good songs. At first i expected a cd version of this series, after listening to the complete set I'm not so sure. Still I remain intrigued what they will come up with next.
    Wata sounded great on Angel and Rainbow, btw.

  4. @Talvi, I miss it too. I'll post some asap.

  5. Sorry to be the pooper
    but I REALLY like this 4x7'' set
    I think it is pop-ish ,new and refreshing , sure Pink,Smile,Altar and Rainbow are better but these tracks are good!
    Actually the word ART comes to mind
    an artist or in this case a band should know when to redefine himself/themself
    and this is a new Boris in comparison to the early drone-days

  6. Awesome Earth and Fire cover I must say.
    As for the vocals, I don't mind.

    Thanks for posting it!

  7. I don't like her vocals either but remember it is Pop-Rock, and normally they don't have a very good vocalist. And also, pop-rock fans are not that enlightened to know what a real vocalist is and needs tod do.

  8. Boris is an ecellent Rock Band. I love their style. In fact, I went to one of their concerts, and it was very nice. I screamed too much, and I kicked some guys

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  11. Willing to sell volume 4 to me? Email