Saturday, December 19, 2009

Groupe de Recherches Musicales - Musique Concrète (1960) [FLAC/V0]

"Following the emergence of differences within the GRMC Pierre Henry, Philippe Arthuys, and several of their colleagues, resigned in April 1958. Schaeffer created a new collective, called Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) and set about recruiting new members including Luc Ferrari, François-Bernard Mâche, Iannis Xenakis, Bernard Parmegiani, and Mireille Chamass-Kyrou. Later arrived Ivo Malec, Philippe Carson, Romuald Vandelle, Edgardo Canton and Francois Bayle"

This release features a couple of very obscure composers that still measure up, as well as some more known such as Iannis Xenakis and Pierre Schaeffer. Being released 1960, classics like these still far outdo most dark ambient / other modern music made with today's technology in terms of pure atmosphere.

A1 Iannis Xenakis - Diamorphoses
A2 Luc Ferrari - Étude Aux Sons Tendus
A3 Michel Philippot - Ambiance I
B1 Henri Sauguet - Aspects Sentimental
B2 Pierre Schaeffer - Étude Aux Sons Animés
B3 Luc Ferrari - Étude Aux Accidents
B4 Pierre Schaeffer - Étude Aux Allures

Note: This rip was made from a old (obviously) vinyl that was very crackly / poppy, personally I don't alter rips with healing / restoration software, you may do so yourself if you'd like.

Note2: I made a mistake in the tags, I wrote Musique Concréte as album title, it's supposed to be Musique Concrète of course. I noticed it just now as I was listening to it, can't be assed with reuploading for such a mundane fix.

Note3: This is a mono recording, I saw no purpose in keeping the files stereo, hence the small file / archive sizes.




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  5. Hi- can you re-upload this in mp3, love listening to this shit at my mundane cleaning job, really zones me out.

  6. re-upload? please?

    thank you.

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