Thursday, February 5, 2009

Entre Vifs - L'Ordre Par Le Bruit (1991)

"What is named CHAOS is a superior form of organization. We are active filters of this chaos. Our sound is generated by percussion-like impulses. Our automatisms are perversely influencing all our acts. That's why the structures which appear in our sound is inconscious to us. Our creative process being a chain of mental destructions. Our dynamics are formed by the successive births of these selfdestructions."

"Do you want to Hear some cute Pieces of Electro-acoustic Music? You just have to Listen to this Record at low Level. And thus, Castrate our Sound. It's Easy. And Innocuous. Middle-class Entertainment. But if you're not afraid to Taste real NOISE POWER, Play it at high volume only!"


So they say, so they say. Corny? Slightly, but this is one hell of a noise album. I'd recommend it to anyone who is interested in dark soundscapes, sound collage, sound manipulation or walls of noise. FUCKING HATE.

Download mp3 cbr-256 part 1
Download mp3 cbr-256 part 2

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