Monday, February 9, 2009

Æthenor - Faking Gold And Murder (2009)

Daniel O'Sullivan, Stephen O'Malley, Vincent de Roguin, David Tibet, Nicolas Field, Alexandre Babel and Alexander Tucker.

The music is largely based around dark ambient soundscapes, freeform percussion and David Tibet's haunting vocals. I must say it exceeded my expectations.

"Brooding, primeval, dark, alchemical epics are full of a ferocious intensity, sounding more like a starlit night being ripped open by lightning than a musical group. Intelligent and primal, like a daemonic workshop, battering up Pandemoniums and dreaming of gold and murder, Æthenor are spectacular." -David Tibet


  1. Another esoteric kvlter than thou Jesu hater?

    No matter. Good music, good file host.

    Mucho appreciated

  2. I don't particularily hate Jesu, it's just not very interesting. I do enjoy Silver EP and the first album is decent but the rest is just... Spare me.

  3. What's that new Final sound like? Broadrick is one of those who maybe could do with standing back for a while, rather than releasing so much product. Alot of it recently is just meh.

  4. Link not working.
    Could you re-up (re-re-up?) it please?

  5. Taken down again? Geez they're persistent, re-upload coming later today.

  6. And yet again the link isn't working. I were wondering could it be possible to re-re-upload the album? Thanks.