Saturday, September 26, 2009

Boris - Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 1 [7"] (2009) [24.96FLAC/FLAC/V0]

I admit I did raise some expectations of this being some new drone release as I was listening to the intro, however this punky mix of psych rock, noise rock, bordering on pop at times, is still listenable. Reminiscent of Smile and Pink but with somewhat more detailed songs.

This is volume 1 out of upcoming 4 volumes, which I will probably post too if they turn out to be good.

Printed on purple vinyl.

24bit/96khz FLAC part 1
24bit/96khz FLAC part 2
24bit/96khz FLAC part 3




  1. Awesome post. Thanks!

  2. Finally someone actually posts a new Boris release in FLAC. All I've been seeing is fucking scene rips. gracias amigo

  3. Thanks for the flacs!!!
    Please post the limited Vol.4 even if you don't think that it turned out good!

  4. Wow, "8" is a great track. Thanks for posting the rip!

  5. Get in touch with me straight away, will you.
    It is so obvious you have posted the music file without any
    approval from the band nor the label.
    You must take the Boris / Southern Lord / Daymare stuffs down immediately.
    We will have our attorney file a copyright infringement case
    against you if you do not remove the posts.
    This goes for now and in the future.

  6. wow - thnx fer the post- saw it at a few other places as well, but yers seems to be the best!

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