Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hanatarash - 2 (1988) [256]

Take the extremes of no wave and multiply them several times. Take your typical japanese insanity and multiply it several times. 

Hanatarash is Yamaysuka eYe (best known from Boredoms) and Mitsuru Tabata (best known from Zeni Geva). Hanatarash was as much art in sound as it was performance art in destruction.



  1. Real Name: 山塚徹郎 (Yamatsuka Tetsurō)


    Noise unit from Osaka, founded in 1983 by Yamatsuka Eye. ハナタラシ (洟垂らし) literally means "sniveler", ie a person with a snotty or runny nose. Others translate it at "Snot-nosed".

    Hanatarash are infamous for their extremely dangerous live shows consisting entirely of on-stage destruction and utter disregard for anyone's safety. The most notorious incident involved Yamatsuka throwing junk around with a backhoe inside a venue. On another occasion, he inflicted a deep wound on his leg with an electrical saw, but carried on with the show. A dead cat is also known to have been cut in half during a show. The band once caused so much damage to a live house in Kyoto that it was forced to close.

    At a 1985 gig in Tokyo's Superloft, Hanatarash had the audience fill out forms relieving the band of responsibility for any possible bodily harm caused by the performance. The show stopped just as Yamatsuka was about to throw a lit molotov cocktail onto the stage, which was gasoline-drenched from a barrel. The performance cost the venue ¥600,000 ($6000) in repair costs.

    Soon unable to be allowed to play anywhere, Yamatsuka went on to form Ultra Freak Out Or Die and Boredoms, among countless other projects. The 1990s saw Hanatarash resurface with some releases and performances, sans on-stage mayhem.


    01. We Eat 1:10
    02. We Bite Bollocks 0:40
    03. Mind Dig 1:08
    04. Frog Girl 90000 0:15
    05. We See 0:52
    06. My Dad Is Car 6:54
    07. Detroit Rock City 0:32
    08. Vortex Shit 2:05
    09. No Noise 2:05
    10. Gag Nuts Gum 6:59
    11. Boat People Hate Fuck 0:08
    12. We Can Kill 0:11
    13. Bad Sound For Bad Ear (Megatronix) 0:08
    14. Apartheidfunclub 0:14
    15. We Are Meat 0:07
    16. California Sleep 0:08
    17. We Hook 1:25
    18. Pisshole Surfers 1:39

    Linernotes: "Kill the all noise artists! We hate Whitehouse. Piss off N.W.W. Asshole C 93. Suck P.T.V. Fuck Coil. We love disco sound. Vomit eat shit noise music. Recordin' 1999 Aug 31 on Melt Drive Recording & Don't listen to this record!!"

  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooh. 0__0


    Dude, if you could direct me to a well respected "Inner Ear Specialist" (a.k.a. an "Otolaryngologist") so that I may have my eardrums replaced, I'd be most grateful to you. Apparently I am deaf. Like smoke comin' out of my ears deaf. ;-)

    W-O-W! Talk about "heavy-duty-listen-to-this-on-headphones-a- your-own-risk" kind of album.

    Reminds me of the Isolrubin B.K. (Brian Williams [Lustmord] + Andrew Lagowski) album "Crash Injury Trauma" with its warning to listeners to use extreme caution while listening to it on their stereos / headphones. H E A V Y.


  3. is boredoms worth it? someone told me yes

  4. Of course yes they're definitely worth it.

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