Thursday, October 15, 2009

Muslimgauze - United States of Islam (1991) [FLAC&V0]

Layers of minimal percussion come together and form a humble ambient soundscape. His work and sound is inspired by the muslim world, he is a known supporter of palestine and much of his work focus on the Isreali-Palestinian conflict. Plays all the instruments himself.

FLAC (re-up)

V0 part 1
V0 part 2


  1. Great don't see Muslimgauze posted too often. However, the link for part 4 is broken. It goes to Mediafire but won't let you download. Thanks for exposing some fantastic music.

  2. Yes the link doesn't seem to work for the moment, will see if I have to upload or whatever.

  3. Great post...thanx for the re-up.

  4. I like the style people had at that time, it was so retro but it's perfect, actually I have a jacket like that man has in the same color and design.

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