Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Killer Bug - Beyond The Valley of the Tapes (2005)

A compilation of early Kazumoto Endo material under "Killer Bug". Sounds kind of like Government Alpha and Masonna combined, but a lot better.

Disc 1:
-Tracks 1-3 from Killer Bug self-released demo tape 1994.
-Track 4 from Side A of Brutal Rainbow tape originally released on Noise 1995.
-Tracks 5 and 6 from Cunt Explosion! EP originally released on Releasing Eskimo 1995
-Tracks 7 and 8 from Your Wife Is Mine EP originally released on Self Abuse Records 1995.

Disc 2:
-Track 1 from Side A of Steaming Gash tape originally released on B B Tapes 1995
-Track 2 from Side A of Vaginal Disco tape originally released on Mother Savage Noise Productions 1995
-Track 3 from Side B of Brutal Rainbow tape originally released on Noise 1995 (the first Killer Bug live at Waseda University, November 6, 1994)

MP3 320
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


  1. this is a great release! if you like spaznoise that is (and not the silly variety)

  2. could you please reupload??