Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mars - The Complete Studio Recordings NYC 1977-1978 (2008, flac & mp3)

Back to posting some no wave. Mars is another one of those no wave bands who never actually properly released anything major, in this case just an EP, and we'd need some compilation later on to actually be able to have something to listen to. Even though we love these studio recordings, most no wave bands considered themselves to be live bands, which is possibly why they never really released much studio material, or maybe it's because the capitalist interest in no wave was ZERO, and I guess it's far too late to experience them in their full live glory. This is as close as we get. From parts similar to that of DNA's noise rock to a more purely post-punk sound and even sometimes as far as some weird soundscapes.

FLAC part 1
FLAC part 2

MP3 V0


  1. Excellent (rubs hands with glee)!
    Bin looking for this one for a bit, thanks much.
    Some James Chance (FLAC) next prps?

  2. any chance you wud have dissecting table - Human Breeding????

    dunno if u take requests tho :S

  3. I do have it, I'll upload it since I'm such a nice guy.

  4. Thanks a huge lot!! A real morning glory!

  5. Absolutely adore MARS. They have been one of my favorite bands forever. Never got the attention (however little) of the other "no wave" bands. But they were just vicious.

    Really love your blog!

  6. Any chance for re-update?
    Best regards from Zagreb!

  7. Added this to my list to update, will do soon.

  8. don't bother to update it because we will have the link removed again

    thank you,
    the label

  9. I'll never buy it, you suckers. Someday I'll catch it in mp3. Don't bother.