Sunday, March 29, 2009

M.S.B.R. & Iuchi Kengo - One (1998) [256]

"We are finally releasing our long spoken of collaboration between Tokyo’s Koji Tano, AKA M.S.B.R., and Kengo Iuchi. The release features three live duets nested between a solo studio track from each artist.

Tano’s Molten Salt Breeder Reactor opens the disc with the epic Psychic Blue. Excellent harsh noise with strong influences of musique concrète and electro-acoustic. The great production on this 22 minute track makes it so powerful that it is frightening at times.

Kengo Iuchi’s style is the polar opposite to that of M.S.B.R. He describes it as death folk. It incorporates maniacal guitar clanging and insane banter in a style comparable to elements of Keiji Haino or Diamanda Galas in their most demanding moments.

During the collaborative work M.S.B.R. lays low providing spacy electronics with streaks of noise between the insane banter of Kengo Iuchi."

mp3 256 part 1
mp3 256 part 2