Friday, April 3, 2009

Swans - Omniscience (1992) [FLAC&V0]

A swans live album which has with time become very rare. Compiled from their 1992 world tour. Featuring some tracks otherwise unrecorded or unreleased.

FLAC part 1
FLAC part 2
FLAC part 3
FLAC part 4 (fixed link)

V0 part 1
V0 part 2


  1. The fixed link isn't working :(

  2. Hey man!! Thanks so much for this one. It's one of those ole favourites I had copied onto tape years ago when that's the kinda thing you did... played it so much it melted. And could never find it since for anything less than a ridiculous price tag (wish I had bought it first time round, but this was before even hearing this great band). Can't believe its one of the back catalogue YG Rec's dudes have neglected to reisue (last ittme I looked anyway).
    So thanks again for not only posting but also in great audio format.
    Great selection of other music too.


    Any chance you got Body Haters/Body Lovers, would love to check this one out

  3. I dub thee "good man" because of this upload.

  4. Can you re-upload this in flac please?