Monday, April 20, 2009

Instrument Normal - Audible Incarnations of Shapeless Entities (2009) [V2/V0/320/FLAC]

Shameless self-promotion. Instrument Normal is Disexistentsium (me) and Hypochondriosis, and this is our collaboration. We are perhaps most coherently described as noise, with sound manipulation and distortion recurrent through the album, influence from industrial music. Elements of dark ambient can be clearly heard on some tracks. At times with hints of drone doom metal.

AISE is an experiment in extreme expression. Broken undefined soundscapes crafted through destructive processing on sound or body. Self-indulgent with lesser interest in accessibility or existing formulae. An attempt at creation through destruction. Uncompromisable, devoid of hope. Is it music? What is the point of music?

A loud disagreement with "musicality". How could you express anything if you restrict yourself to it? It seems cowardly, or perhaps you're just that uninteresting. I think I've misunderstood what it is to "express your feelings" if it means to play the exact same chords on the guitar the ones that came before played.

1. Nifel (3:41)
2. Enter The Machinery (6:00)
3. Stones of Sala (3:55)
4. Defloration (10:21)
5. 0 (8:08)
6. Abrasion (30:05)


MP3 320 part 1
MP3 320 part 2

FLAC part 1
FLAC part 2
FLAC part 3
FLAC part 4
FLAC part 5
FLAC part 6


  1. Nice. How did you go about collaborating with Hypochondriosis? Did you meet up or exchange files or...?

  2. Nicely Done! These are well-crafted tracks. If you get the opportunity, please check out my web-label/blog at:
    my own stuff is all over the map, but is primarily sourced from heavily processed guitar and voice, although very often it isn't recognizable as such.
    Thanks again for the good work, and the excellent blog!

  3. Thanks, this kind of music it's very relaxing, thanks for sharing.
    keep posting.