Monday, April 6, 2009

Mental Destruction

Here's a few Mental Destruction uploaded mainly for a friend. They refer to their music as "Orthodox Industrial", their inspiration for lyrics lies in their devotion to Christ. A notable work of theirs which is not posted below is "The Intensity of Darkness" released 1991 on Cold Meat Industry, which my friend already had. It should be available on other blogs if it interests you. With releases dating back to 1990 they were indeed part of the growing early Swedish industrial scene. What is it with christian swedes and death industrial anyway?

Mental Destruction - When Madness Strikes (1995) [V0]
A '95 CD reissue on Cold Meat Industry of their somewhat infamous early '90 cassette.


Mental Destruction - Straw (1996) [FLAC&V0]
Their most recent full-length, released on CMI, the band is still considered active.

FLAC part 1
FLAC part 2
FLAC part 3


Mental Destuction - Before the Night (2001) [24/96FLAC&v0]
A 2001 7" LP released on Ant-Zen. This is Side A only.

24/96 FLAC



  1. i have the intensity of darkness over on my blog if anyone is interested. thanks for this post, now i won't have to :)

  2. Straw in FLAC... you rule.