Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shining - III: Angst - Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie (2002) [V0]

More black metal?

Shining is pretty famous, and even though I try to make a point out of not posting albums everyone already heard I decided to post this one. One of Kvarforth's earlier works released when he was only 19~ years old. While he is extremely notorious for his album "V: Halmstad", extremely acclaimed by fans and critics alike, I almost still prefer this one. I don't think everyone has heard this earlier album. It's more black metal ("Halmstad" actually being doom metal rather than black metal) similar to atmospheric black metal and mid-burzum ("Hvis Lyset Tar Oss", "Filosofem" etc.) through almost ritualistic repetetion, highly distorted guitars which almost only become a soundscape while still having legible melodies and riffs. With screams/growls on top. Simple yet effective production. It almost comes off as minimalistic. It definitely has a glow his other albums lack. In the same way it lacks some of what his later albums offer.

Speaking of Kvarforth as a person, I think he is hilarious. Not in the sense that I am laughing at him, rather I am laughing with him at all the little fuckers who take him seriously. He is the greatest troll ever to have existed.

MP3 V0 (tis a re-upload)

Okay, enough nostalgia for a while.


  1. 3rd song gives me an error message.

    Actually all the latest mediafire uploads from most blogs are giving me error.

  2. What un-archiver are you using? *proceeds to test the archive myself*

  3. Whoa I really don't like this black metal, I prefer relaxing and pure albums. Actually my brother who likes to visit Viagra Online also likes this weird metal.

  4. I think the cover seems rude than it really is, actually I had the opportunity to heard some songs and I thought it would be so heavy so it was a children game.