Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vrolok - Resurgence III: Order of the Sphere (2007) [V2]

Okay, about time to actually make a post. Even though this album is so recent it feels very nostalgic to me, giving me flashbacks to teen years when I used to be "into" black metal. Today practically all black metal feels outdated, franchised or otherwise ridiculous. The first black metal bands did something interesting for their time but it quickly grew stagnant. For me Vrolok is something like rediscovering black metal all over, how it was supposed to be today, tortured, dark, dirty. Call it depressive black metal or call it industrial black metal or whatever, Vrolok is the epitome of black metal.

MP3 V2


  1. Darkest Black Metal ever recorded

  2. usually I'm not a fan of black metal, but this shit was so gritty/dark/barren that I loved it. It felt real.

  3. In my humble opinion i think it's a ever transforming genre;it's merging and mutating with other music styles.You should try listening to Urfaust(especially the Einsidler 7"),Krallice,Ash Pool(From Prurient's Dominick Fernow),Velvet Cacoon, and specially WOLD(Screech Owl is amazing).
    Tough i agree with the old school stuff being really good, and the corporate black metal being naive and shitty.

  4. I felt the same actually it was for me like a feedback because I had long time without listening this kind of music, so it was really interesting because it was heavy enough I can't believe I used to listening it.