Sunday, March 29, 2009

M.S.B.R. & Iuchi Kengo - One (1998) [256]

"We are finally releasing our long spoken of collaboration between Tokyo’s Koji Tano, AKA M.S.B.R., and Kengo Iuchi. The release features three live duets nested between a solo studio track from each artist.

Tano’s Molten Salt Breeder Reactor opens the disc with the epic Psychic Blue. Excellent harsh noise with strong influences of musique concrète and electro-acoustic. The great production on this 22 minute track makes it so powerful that it is frightening at times.

Kengo Iuchi’s style is the polar opposite to that of M.S.B.R. He describes it as death folk. It incorporates maniacal guitar clanging and insane banter in a style comparable to elements of Keiji Haino or Diamanda Galas in their most demanding moments.

During the collaborative work M.S.B.R. lays low providing spacy electronics with streaks of noise between the insane banter of Kengo Iuchi."

mp3 256 part 1
mp3 256 part 2

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Ensemble - Dreams (2002) [FLAC&V0]

An avant-garde jazz album from Otomo Yoshihide, the guy behind Ground Zero among others. This is perhaps an easier on ears and more accessible album which I'd recommend for someone who is not quite comfortable with the more sinister side of him or for someone just looking to get into his work.

FLAC part 1
FLAC part 2
FLAC part 3
FLAC part 4

MP3 V0

I've not been updating the blog with the same frequency lately due to being busy with other things but hopefully I'll find time to post a shitstorm of albums later.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kazumoto Endo - Never Gonna Make You Cry (2001) [FLAC&V0]

Some more Kazumoto Endo for you all. This one is really short. I also recommend hearing his album "While You Were Out" for anyone who hasn't already, it should be availible on some other blogs.

FLAC part 1
FLAC part 2


Hijokaidan - King of Noise (1985) [ABR224]

Freeform improvisation somewhat largely based around guitars and distortion, drowning in feedback. Hijokaidan is kind of a legend among japanoise and this is their, in my opinion, best album.

mp3 abr-224

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Studio - West Coast (2007) [V0]

Mediterranean music from Sweden. Actual original release in 2006 on vinyl, but the CD was released in 2007. Thanks to uggabugga who pretty much single-handedly gave me hope about pop music.


The Bear Quartet - Eternity Now (2006) [FLAC&v0]

Here's something for the pretentiousandlistentobandsfromaforeigncountrirdtoseemobscure hipsterfaggots. Technically I don't fit into this classification of hipsterfaggot as this band is not foreign to me. Swedish indie band goes experimental, disregards a lot what is typically seen as "musical" and manages to get alienated by large parts of their fanbase. It's hilarious, and this is their by far best album. Experimental pop.

I also wrote a review on this ages ago, I'll see if I can dig it up...

Ah, I found it, but nevermind, it was just deranged ramblings.

FLAC part 1
FLAC part 2
FLAC part 3
FLAC part 4

Mp3 V0

Get real you fucking worms. (right click on it and "show picture" if you didn't catch that)
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If I catch any of you motherfuckers using RYM, I'll see to it that you lose your ability to reproduce and get your skull bent in by a fucking sledgehammer.

Dissecting Table - Human Breeding (1997) [FLAC&mp3]

Uploaded by request.
In both FLAC and mp3. What can I say, I fucking spoil you.


FLAC part 1
FLAC part 2
FLAC part 3
FLAC part 4

MP3 V0

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Killer Bug - Beyond The Valley of the Tapes (2005)

A compilation of early Kazumoto Endo material under "Killer Bug". Sounds kind of like Government Alpha and Masonna combined, but a lot better.

Disc 1:
-Tracks 1-3 from Killer Bug self-released demo tape 1994.
-Track 4 from Side A of Brutal Rainbow tape originally released on Noise 1995.
-Tracks 5 and 6 from Cunt Explosion! EP originally released on Releasing Eskimo 1995
-Tracks 7 and 8 from Your Wife Is Mine EP originally released on Self Abuse Records 1995.

Disc 2:
-Track 1 from Side A of Steaming Gash tape originally released on B B Tapes 1995
-Track 2 from Side A of Vaginal Disco tape originally released on Mother Savage Noise Productions 1995
-Track 3 from Side B of Brutal Rainbow tape originally released on Noise 1995 (the first Killer Bug live at Waseda University, November 6, 1994)

MP3 320
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mars - The Complete Studio Recordings NYC 1977-1978 (2008, flac & mp3)

Back to posting some no wave. Mars is another one of those no wave bands who never actually properly released anything major, in this case just an EP, and we'd need some compilation later on to actually be able to have something to listen to. Even though we love these studio recordings, most no wave bands considered themselves to be live bands, which is possibly why they never really released much studio material, or maybe it's because the capitalist interest in no wave was ZERO, and I guess it's far too late to experience them in their full live glory. This is as close as we get. From parts similar to that of DNA's noise rock to a more purely post-punk sound and even sometimes as far as some weird soundscapes.

FLAC part 1
FLAC part 2

MP3 V0

Friday, March 13, 2009

Amesoeurs - Amesoeurs (2009)

Hyped? Yes indeed. Here it is anyway, for all of you who've waited.

Download v2 scene

Kazumoto Endo - Brick and Mortar (2003)

So yeah, here I am uploading some Kazumoto Endo. I was talking about him so much in the last post I thought it was the only possible course of action. I haven't seen this around on any blogs so that's why I decided to upload this one which is just an EP. But "While You Were Out" is a fucken great album if you'd like to check it out. Kazumoto's noise is explosive, intense as fuck, destructive, yet in moments somewhat upbeat and cheerful, but in a sick, twisted way.

Shitty 224 kbit/s quality, but I haven't found any better.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

VA - Nietzsche's Electronic Music (2001, flac)

Normally I wouldn't post something like this, but Nietzsche makes me look so post-modern and existentialist, fuck yeah. Anything featuring Kazumoto Endo must be worth having too. I thought it was gonna be more noisy though, but this is just tracks of glitch / experimental electronica with only a few noisier parts.

I dislike compilations, I do, some forms of compilations are all right, when it's mostly unreleased material by bands who never really released any albums, like DNA on DNA or a Mars compilation (I will post one later). Worst of all are the "best of" compilations though, it's unbelievable how people buy those.

Anyway this album is from Japan dedicated to Nietszche. Since it's a VA and most of these artists are really obscure, the quality is of course unpredictable, but most of them were at least decent. I was expecting more from the Kazumoto Endo one though.

1 QT? - Untitled
2 Kazumoto Endo - Untitled
3 Sunao Inami - Untitled
4 Masayuki Akamatsu - Ink On The Reconstructed Typeball
5 Minoru Yonemoto - Untitled
6 Daruin - Teinszech
7 Koichi Watanabe - 2001
8 Wheaton Research - Untitled
9 Lukazs Szalankiewicz - Untitled
10 Tetsuya Toshimitsu - Empty Voyager
11 Seiji Nagai & Koji Kawai - Meta-Chaos
12 Black Dot Corporation - Belief In The Sickness As Sickness

FLAC part 1
FLAC part 2
FLAC part 3
FLAC part 4

V0 part 1
V0 part 2

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flux Information Sciences - Private/Public (2001, FLAC & mp3)


Anyway, if No Wave really was a genre and not restricted to a certain time, I'd definitely call this this a No Wave band. Since this industrial noisy (post-)punk album was released in 2001 it's not, but it certainly gives you that no wave vibe. Cryptic vocals, abrasive outburst, bizzare & schizophrenic soundscapes, while containing a spirit of post-punk.

Flac part 1
Flac part 2
Flac part 3


Monday, March 9, 2009

DNA - A Taste Of DNA (1980) & DNA on DNA (2004)

DNA is one of the best things ever happen to no wave. This particular EP is incredibly short, just about 10 minutes long, this could make it a lot easier to digest for people to typically acquainted with such dissonant music. Sadly this is the only "real" release by the band. The compilation album released in 2004 "DNA on DNA" is great too, and it actually has this EP on it anyway and it lacks this EP's only weakness, the length. So unless you're a wimp who wants some easy listening, just download the compilation album instead.

Instead of playing their instruments in an traditional manner. They set out to make weird sounds and sounding as different as possible.

A taste of DNA

Features the track off No New York and A Taste Of DNA as well as plenty of other good stuff.


Swans - Filth (1983)

Swans' album first album was revolutionary heavy for it's time. At their early years they were called the loudest band on earth. In my opinion this album serves as the best representation of their early aggressive period. It's extremely dirty and sludgy. Sludge fans should hear this out too.

Part 1
Part 2

Various Artists - No New York (1978, FLAC & mp3)

A legendary compilation with 4 no wave bands, 4 songs each, produced by Brian Eno. Lydia Lunch I could do without, but this is still pretty much a must-hear.

A1 James Chance & The Contortions - Dish It Out
A2 James Chance & The Contortions - Flip Your Face
A3 James Chance & The Contortions - Jaded
A4 James Chance & The Contortions - I Can't Stand Myself
A5 Teenage Jesus And The Jerks - Burning Rubber
A6 Teenage Jesus And The Jerks - Closet
A7 Teenage Jesus And The Jerks - Red Alert
A8 Teenage Jesus And The Jerks - I Woke Up
B1 Mars - Helen Fordsdale
B2 Mars - Hairwaves
B3 Mars - Tunnel
B4 Mars - Puerto Rican Ghost
B5 DNA - Egomaniac's Kiss
B6 DNA - Lionel
B7 DNA - Not Moving
B8 DNA - Size

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kill Your Idols (2004, film)

Swans, DNA, Foetus, Suicide, Flux Information Sciences, James Chance and the Contortions, Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca, Liars, Black Dice etc.

A 2004 documentary about the New York music scene. Especially the short-lived No Wave movement which came into life somewhere along the mid 70s and died in the early-mid 80s. With a comparison to the NY music scene of today (or rather 2002). Which leads to many pretentious rants by the old timers, especially by the oh god so awful Lydia Lunch (also in Teenage Jesus and the Jerks). It's fine though, we still have Michael Gira (Swans) and Arto Lindsay (DNA) to save the film.

Kill Your Idols Part 1

Kill Your Idols Part 2

For those of you interested I will in continuation be posting a series of no wave albums during the next few days.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Phaenon - Submerged (2007)

A one-track dark ambient album. A little spacey, but nothing overly exaggerated. Deliciously evolving, while still having some forms of repetition.

320 part 1

320 part 2

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Infidel?/Castro! - Bioentropic Damage Fractal (2005, FLAC+mp3)

(Bumped for FLAC)

Anyone who is acquainted with me has probably heard me mention this album one time or another, a personal favorite of sorts, and as suggested I'm posting it here. It's a very eclectic album ranging from avant-gardian grindy sound collages over a gnarly drum machine to psychedelic noise to long droning ambient tracks. It's a recommendation I almost give to anyone (unless your taste in music is awful). It's a gloomy, malicious, melancholic, chaotic double-disc opus which - if something - would suit as a soundtrack for the decay of mankind.

download mp3-v0 part 1

download mp3-v0 part 2

I've uploaded a FLAC rip with log/cue now too.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Torturing Nurse - Eerie (2007)

Ching chong China chnoise. Torturing Nurse is a religion.

Download v2 scene

Monday, March 2, 2009

NON - Blood & Flame (1987, FLAC & mp3)

Works a lot with repetitive sound manipulation and sometimes take on a more chaotic approach. Some songs feature repeated words as sound source, where the mind would start interpreting them and hearing different words or just plainly interpret them as a rhythm and not hearing words at all.

Download FLAC
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Download v0